Filip Adwent

Deputy to the European Parliament

60 Wiertz Street

1047 Brussels



                                                                                              Mr Kurt Schmidt

Novartis Consumer Health

                                                                                              200, Kimball Drive

Parsippany NJ 07054



                                                                                                    Date 15 december 2004




Dear Sir,


I am writing to you today because I am extremely worried.


For years, the people living in the Rzeszow area have been putting all their hopes in foreign investors like you, and they have always been deceived. They are always promised jobs, but the only thing they ever end up getting is unemployment.


Polish people have had enough of that situation, especially in an area where unemployment is reaching a record high.


The staff at Alima Gerber have such a feeling of having been taken in by your management that they might soon react beyond control, and I can certainly understand that attitude. When you have nothing to lose, Sir, when you cannot make a living anymore, after some apathy you will fight back.

Is it my duty to defend my constituents, and you can depend on the fact that I will stand by the Alima Gerber staff and support their struggle zealously.


There are 732 Members of the European Parliament from 25 countries, as well as thousands of officials and thousands of representatives. If the threats on the jobs at Alima Gerber are not dispelled by January the first, 2005, I will have no choice but to bring the truth to everybody’s attention – just the truth : the promises you had made to the people of Rzeszow, and … grim reality.

We have nothing left to lose, Sir, but we shall not lose our dignity.

Polish people can be very patient if necessary, but they also know how to struggle.


I do hope, though, Sir, that we will not have to come to such extreme lengths.


I am at your disposal to try and solve this crisis, but it cannot be solved without increasing the jobs in the company on a long-term basis, as had been promised.


Yours faithfully

Filip Adwent     

Member of the European Parliament




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